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Having clean air that allows all residents to safely enjoy outdoor activity is a crucial component of our quality of life. Learn how you can help promote Clean Air in Upstate South Carolina.

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Plan errands to increase efficiency and reduce number of trips. Combine errands into one outing and group them by where they are located to reduce the amount of miles you travel. This saves gas and time, too.

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Upstate at a Crossroads

The Upstate is at a critical crossroads in relation to air quality attainment.  Ozone monitors within the region are barely compliant with current federal standards and those standards are scheduled to be reviewed and likely strengthened in 2015.

If the region were deemed out of attainment, it would not only be a negative from a public health standpoint, but the stricter requirements for businesses looking to come to the region or expand current operations would likely stifle economic and job growth. It also would restrict how the region can use federal transportation funding and potentially force additional federal regulations on all residents within the region. This problem occurred in Birmingham, Alabama in the '90s. Learn more about how Alabama's business and economic growth was negatively impacted. Read an overview of what could happen if the Upstate is out of attainment

Everyone Can Make a Difference

There are many factors that impact air quality in the Upstate. Some over which we have some control, and others over which we have little control. For the Upstate to ensure we maintain air quality levels that provide for our physical health and allow us to maintain economic vitality, the key is for all of us to support those actions over which we have control and that can make a difference. Below is a link to the regional air quality pledge as well as to a list of actions and strategies that can be done by Individuals, Businesses & Institutions and Local Governments to help ensure we are all doing our part to maintain clean air in the Upstate.

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Business Actions and Strategies

Local Government Actions and Strategies

Individual Actions and Strategies

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