Haunted Bridges in the Upstate

Halloween, or All Hallows Eve as some call it, is right around the corner. And as the Upstate prepares for the onslaught of ghosts and goblins running from door to door and the hundreds of bags of candy that will be consumed, the holiday brings out tales of creepy happenings. Houses that are haunted, ghostly apparitions and eerie sounds are all part of the ghostly stories passed down from generation to generation.

So as you drive along that back road or down a lonely highway and are crossing over a bridge, keep a lookout for ghosts and unexplained events on these haunted bridges.

Poinsett Bridge

Probably the most famous haunted bridge in the Upstate is the Poinsett Bridge off Hwy 11. Strange lights, voices and apparitions, mostly occurring late at night, have been reported. The bridge is no longer used for vehicle traffic but once was part of a main route from Columbia, South Carolina to Asheville, North Carolina. Some say the bridge is haunted by a slave who was hung while the bridge was being built while others say the bridge was built on Indian land and that the tribe haunts the area. Regardless of the reason, this is one spooky place.

Leroy’s Bridge

Just off Hwy 329 in Gaffney is Leroy’s Bridge, where it’s rumored that this bridge is where the first body was found when a serial killer in the 1960s named Lee Roy Martin, aka the Gaffney Strangler, killed several women in the area. Visitors to the site say that if you walk across the bridge at night, you can hear the sounds of a girl moaning.

Cry Baby Bridge

Each state seems to have at least one “Cry Baby Bridge,” and in the Upstate there are at least two. Each has a similar tale of how they were named, with some saying a baby was killed at the bridge. According to the South Carolina Paranormal Research & Investigations website, the bridge in Union County along Galilee Church Road at the Tyger River, has had many weird occurrences. The website states that if you put your car in neutral on the bridge, it will roll up the hill. The other bridge is located in Anderson on High Shoals Road near Pine Lake Golf Club.

Cat Woman’s Bridge

No one is really sure how this bridge received its name, but a Sumter Daily News story relayed tales of a lady who died near the bridge and had 100 cats put in her coffin. If you go to the bridge at midnight and stop, you can hear meowing. If you stay long enough, you can feel someone grabbing your ankle. The bridge is located on S.C. 64 about a mile from the North Carolina border at McAlpine Creek.

The Lonely Bridge

Located near the old saw mill in Westminster, people have reported seeing the ghost of a woman swooping down onto their car when they drive over the bridge. The story claims that a woman drowned in the river and that she haunts the location.

Three Bridges Road

Strange USA says that this bridge in Powdersville is where a Civil War slave named Eloise was killed by Union soldiers as they traveled through Powdersville on their way to battle. The soldiers had killed her master and when she stayed, the soldiers killed her as well. Several witnesses said they have seen the apparition of Eloise along Three Bridges Road along with the eerie sounds of her screams.  

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