Taylors Town Square: Making Taylors Better Together

In the fall of 2012, members of Taylors First Baptist Church launched the Taylors Town Square program with the goal of creating connections among people in the area and establishing pathways by which people could share ideas about what might be done to build the community. They wanted to strengthen Taylors through initiatives that would not only foster meaningful interactions among residents, but that would also serve to establish a sense of inclusiveness and a strong vision for what Taylors could become. In 2014, the Taylors Town Square program officially became a nonprofit organization, establishing both immediate and long-term goals. At present, the organization focuses on four major initiatives: monthly meetings, the Taylors Farmers Market, community branding, and support for the Taylors Parks and Recreation Department.

According to Alex Reynolds, Taylors Town Square President, the organization places great value on bringing people together face-to-face through monthly meetings that are open to the community. The monthly meetings, which have been taking place regularly since 2012, give people in Taylors “a time and a place to get together” to share ideas and set goals for the community. These meetings take place at the Taylors Ministry Center on the Taylors First Baptist Church campus, and a schedule of the meetings is available at the Taylors Town Square home page. 

During one of the early Taylors Town Square meetings, the idea for one of the most successful initiatives of the program, the Taylors Farmers Market, was born. Reynolds explains, “We realized that we needed a signature project, and we knew that a group of individuals wanted to create a farmers market team.” This team began planning the farmers market in 2013, and it became an official Taylors Town Square initiative in 2015. Since then, the Taylors Farmers Market, which takes place on Thursdays during May through August, has become a tremendous success for Taylors Town Square. According to Reynolds, the farmers market is led entirely by volunteers and brings in enough income to be self-sustaining while also providing funds for other Taylors Town Square projects. The Taylors Farmers Market website includes a weekly “Market Round Up” that lists vendors who will sell products each Thursday, as well as information about special events. 

Another important initiative of the Taylors Town Square program is creating the Taylors brand. In addition to developing a style guide that would establish the “collective identity of Taylors,” Taylors Town Square has been working closely with the South Carolina Department of Transportation to use Taylors community branding in gateway entrances. A sign featuring Taylors community branding was recently erected at the intersection of Wade Hampton and Main Street.

Taylors Town Square is also offering support to the Taylors Parks and Recreation Department. A primary focus of this advocacy is the Enoree River Trail Corridor Initiative. Reynolds says Taylors Town Square has been working closely with Upstate Forever to “champion a master trail plan for the Enoree River.” This walking and bicycle trail would follow the river, connecting the Park at Taylors Mill, Cody Burns Park, East Riverside Park, and the Pelham Mill Park. Reynolds states that the construction of this trail will also help Taylors Town Square with its long-term goal of building connections between Taylors and Greer.

Taylors Town Square has been so successful in large part due to the dedication of its board of directors. Reynolds describes that the board as “a fun group of people who are working on exciting projects that will enhance the community that we love.” If you are interested in learning more about Taylors Town Square, you can subscribe to project updates or attend a monthly meeting. Contributions may also be made via PayPal

Photos courtesy of Alex Reynolds.

Angela Rogers is a teacher, bibliophile, and freelance writer who is a lifelong resident of the Upstate.