Ten at the Top Is Mapping Out Services for Upstate Children & Seniors

Have you ever sat down in front of your computer to research a service you really needed only to not be able to find what you’re looking for? The Upstate is fortunate to have many services and organizations ready and willing to help, but you have to be able to find them before you can utilize them. 

In an effort to make finding services and organizations a little easier for senior citizens and parents of children in the Upstate, Ten at the Top has developed two interactive maps. These two maps list a variety of places and services to help people of different ages find services best suited for them in the hopes of creating better outcomes. 

The first map is the Child Well-Being Services Map. Its main goal is to create a successful future

for Upstate youth and their families by providing information about more than 700 services. The map includes services for children and youth ranging from conception to age 26. Such services include child safety, education, employment, substance abuse prevention, housing/foster care, and more. This interactive map allows parents to find the services best suited to help their child be successful and healthy. 

Aging: It’s something hopefully everyone faces in their lifetime, so it’s an issue everyone should be paying attention to. The Senior Services Map includes over 200 services and organizations that help keep seniors safely in their homes. Services and organizations contained in the map include food pantries, home-delivered meals, congregate dining sites, contacts for home repairs and modifications, and rent and utility payment assistance. 

Once you find the service you are looking for, these maps enable you to click on a specific point on the map and find out more information. This allows people to actually see the types of services offered, location, contact information, and a link to visit the organization’s website. There is even a Google Maps feature that will give you turn-by-turn driving directions if you wish to make a visit to one of the organizations. 

So how did Ten at the Top create these maps? Volunteers took inventory of what already existed in ten different counties across the Upstate. This way, Ten at the Top already knew what existed as well as what was not there. Sometimes, to see what you need, it is important to see what you have first. These maps are not only intended to show what is already here, but also to help see what is not here and bring that to attention. Once you can see where gaps in services, you can work hard to try and address these gaps where they are needed. For example, these maps would help us notice that there tend to be multiple services clustered in urban areas while rural parts of the Upstate have few or none.

Putting these services in the form of an interactive map creates a new resource for the people of the Upstate. Thanks to these two maps, people of all different ages can find the services they need that are best suited for them. These maps are extremely helpful, easy to navigate, and user-friendly. 

In addition to allowing users to view the maps, Ten at the Top has also made it possible for the maps to be embedded in other websites to allow the information to be as accessible as possible and allowing it to become an important tool for families, senior citizens, and service providers.


Bailey Verreault is a senior undergraduate student at Furman University, double majoring in Communication Studies and French. Bailey spent her summer interning with Ten at the Top.