Our Upstate Vision Key Drivers

Ten County Vision for 2030: Upstate South Carolina is universally recognized as one of the leading places in the United State to live, learn, do business and raise a family.

In order to assure that we achieve this while the Upstate continues to experience substantial growth, it will be necessary that we continually strive to enhance the following vision elements and guiding principles:

HUMAN POTENTIAL: Creating opportunities for all Upstate residents to succeed

- Creating an educational culture that values providing quality opportunities for everyone to learn and develop to their fullest potential from early childhood through college and into the workforce
- Cultivating the creativity, capitalizing on the diversity and harnessing the determination of Upstate residents that makes this a special place to live and raise a family
- Encouraging activities in a safe and healthy environment that provide all Upstate residents with opportunities to enjoy the positive qualities of life in the region

ECONOMIC AND ENTREPRENEURIAL VITALITY: Growing the competitiveness of the Upstate in the Global Economy

- Promoting and cultivating a spirit of entrepreneurialism that makes the Upstate an attractive destination for small and emerging businesses and industries
- Strengthening the opportunities for manufacturers and industries in sectors that are already strongholds within the Upstate
- Focusing energy and resources on enhancing the job skills of Upstate workers to provide support for emerging opportunities

SUSTAINABLE GROWTH: Encouraging future growth in appropriate locations by means that enhance livability in the Upstate

- Creating a culture that values living and growing in a sustainable manner
- Implementing reasonable approaches to land use planning and development that support orderly and sustainable growth that is innovative, attractive and fits the landscape of the community
- Maintaining roads and promoting other transportation enhancements such as bike paths, walkability and  public transit that make it easier for all residents to travel across the region for work or play

NATURAL BEAUTY & RESOURCES: Serving as reliable stewards of our natural environment and resources

- Protecting the natural beauty of a region that includes a number of diverse and environmentally critical natural assets
- Maintaining opportunities for residents to enjoy the parks, lakes, mountains and natural amenities of the Upstate
- Ensuring that measures are put in place to protect vital resources such as clean air and water for generations to come  

COMMUNITY VIBRANCY: Embracing the importance and heritage of the Upstate's urban areas and small towns

- Continuing the movement to reinvigorate the downtowns and urban areas within the Upstate
- Maintaining and growing the vibrancy of the region's small towns and special places
- Embracing our rich history and heritage while continuing to grow opportunities to enjoy and participate in cultural, entertainment and recreational activities

Each of the five vision driver areas has a series of strategies designed to help promote collaboration and regional actions in those areas. You can view the entire vision collateral at Our Upstate SC.